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    Impact of personality on product purchasing

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    Visit two-three websites for ONE type of these products laptops, laundry detergents, beverages, athletic shoes, etc. and
    analyze the layout of these sites including the 10 essential elements listed above.

    Please respond to the following questions evaluating the overall effectiveness of the websites.

    1. How does a consumer's perception affect the influence the website has on the consumer? Include a discussion of
    the sensory aspects.
    2. What are the stages of perception as it relates to consumer decision and buying? Relate these stages to the
    qualities of effective websites as identified by Forbes.
    3. How does a consumer's personality affect his or her buying decisions which inevitably shapes his or her
    lifestyles? Include a discussion of how a consumer's view of him or herself also impacts buying decisions.
    4. Analyze the effectiveness of the websites in reaching their respective target markets. What specific things would
    you recommend implementing in order to improve upon the effectiveness?

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    1. How a consumer's perception affects the influence the website has on the consumer? Include a discussion of the sensory aspects.

    In reference to the perceptions held by consumers, several variables play a larger role in the perception held by the consumer, and one of these factors is the cultural upbringing of the consumer. In reference to culture, this variable is important because it dictates the behavioral actions, needs, and understanding of the consumer. Therefore, a person develops a perception toward certain products that are influenced by their family, friends, and cultural exposure, which influences how the person perceives products and other life variables. Although a person can grow out of their cultural norms, brands typically account for the impact that cultural factors have on potential customers by developing marketing strategies that are contingent upon marketing to specific cultural markets to attempt to adapt to these specific markets. Cultural has a huge impact on a consumer's perception, habits, and behavior.

    The next important variable that influences a consumer's perception entails the consumer's social class or status. These classes represent a social hierarchy wherein the person is impacted by others within their class who have similar values, interests, and purchasing power. Lower class individuals have less access to funds, which heavily influences their purchasing decisions while higher social class individuals have money to burn. The middle class is the typically referenced class that exists between the lower and higher class, and their purchasing power is more than those in the lower classes but marginally lower than those in higher classes. The class that a person emanates from will have a ...

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    The impact of personality on product purchasing is examined.