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Several Psychological Purchasing Variables

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-Discuss in detail several psychological purchasing variables and why they are important to marketers.

-Discuss the adoption process as it relates to a fictitious product of your choosing.

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The solution discusses the details of several psychological purchasing variables.

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-Discuss in detail several psychological purchasing variables and why they are important to marketers.

The various psychological variables that affect purchasing behavior of individuals are personality, memory, learning, attitude, motivation and perception (MMC, 2009). How a customer is able to receive commercial stimuli, interpret and remember it encompasses how he will perceive a product. Consumers tend to be selective in their perception in that they see what they want to see, and in this way makes choices on what to buy. What motivates a buyer of a product will also determine what stimulates a customer to purchase a particular product. An advertisement for a product that de-motivates a consumer may lead to that customer not purchasing an item. Self concept or image is another factor that is equally as important. Most consumers especially those who purchase expensive ...

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