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Assessment: Living in Grey Areas: Industrial Activity and Psychological Health.

I already have some information, but I need additional help with my evaluation of the choice of design, the author's rationale for the design choice, the types of validity presented and the critical differences among them, the author's performance in explaining them, and how to assess the study's validity and the information required to do so with the article.

Living in Grey Areas: Industrial Activity and Psychological Health. Sibila Marques, Maria Luisa Lima. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 31 (2011). Pages 314-322. Available online 7 January 2011. Elsvier Ltd 2011.

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Choice of the design and its rationale
Types of validity and the differences among them
How the author explains them
How to assess the study's validity

This study deals primarily with the relationship between two very general sets of variables: living in an industrial area and one's (psychological) health. Each of the issues you ask for above are highly interrelated.

The design is actually quite simple. The authors deal with four specific areas defined by the government of Portugal as industrial, with one area that is not.
The industrial areas are also subdivided into one area that has mixed industries, one dominated by the chemical industry and one dominated by textiles. The chemical town deals mostly with air pollution and the textile town deals with water pollution.

One problem is that the study only dealt with one area of Portugal. The authors hold that this is important because it is dealing with one homogeneous area and hence, is not subject to cross-cultural differences if many countries were involved.

The method used was the interview. Trained interviewers called 402 people in each town randomly (using their birthdays).

So far, there are no problems in terms of ...

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The industrial activity and psychological health are examined.