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Personality Theory and Development

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Hi, I need some help reinforcing these ideas with examples:
How can I best associate with the personality theory regarding truth and how it fits beliefs about how human behavior develops and is sustained?

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Human cognition involves all of one's abilities that are learned such as perception, and the ability to reason and think. Friedman and Schuster (2006) cite eight personality theories that explicates the understanding and development of human nature. One such theory termed as the cognitive aspect of personality focused on thought, perception and decision making. The cognitive aspect of personality is stated to have emerged from the Gestalt tradition with its emphasis on perception and problem solving. As noted by Friedman & Schuster, several theorists, the first, Kurt Lewin linked the Gestalt perspective to areas of personality. Lewin observed behavior to formulate his views of the personality, and considered the personality as developing within a field of multiple vectors. Research suggests that he borrowed his cognitive view of the personality form German psychology. He held that all individuals have distinctive, enduring, cognitive styles of dealing with their everyday cognitive tasks of perception, problem solving, and decision making (e.g., Berrini, Pizzamiglio, & Wapner, 1986 as cited in Friedman & Schuster, 2006, p. 238). However, according to Friedman and Schuster, the cognitive aspect of human nature was based on perception and thought; and often ignored the emotional aspect of ...

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This solution discusses an aspect of personality theories in the context of truth and beliefs using real-life examples and research studies. All references used are included.

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