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Psychosocial Theory Key Concepts

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Briefly identify the : Key Figures , Key Concepts of Personality Formation, Explanation of Disorder Personality, Validity, Comprehensiveness, Applicability, Cultural Utility for the Psychosocial theory, etc.

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Psychosocial theory key concepts are examined. The Applicability, cultural utility for the psychosocial theory is examined.

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Psychosocial Theory

Key figures and concepts of personality formation:

The concepts of personality formation are the id, the ego and the super ego. The id is the part of the personality trait that only pursues instant pleasure while the ego is the personality that is in touch with what is going on in the environment and takes caution for the actions taken. The superego is the part which is the personality that is conscious of the actions one decides to take and guides people to act in a way that is accepted in the society. The ego is found in the conscious mind while the superego is found in the unconscious mind (The science museum, 2004).

Disorder personality:

Personality disorder refers to the deviation of an individual's behaviour from what is expected and this later leads to impairment or distress. Persons with this type of disorder display behaviors that are unacceptable consistently and this always affect the way someone socializes with people. The identity of people ...

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