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    Ramada Demonstrats Its Personal Best

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    Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best

    1. Build the management-research question hierarchy for Ramada.
    2. Apply the research process model to the Ramada research initiative.
    a. Explain the role and process of exploration in Ramada's research.
    b. What role did secondary data play in the exploration phase of the research?
    c. What steps and phases in the process model can you match to the Ramada research?
    d. What research process decisions were made? (Remember to include research by outside suppliers.)
    e. What sampling methodology was used? Why was this appropriate for this study?
    f. Describe the research design and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.
    g. What role did property owners/managers play in the research design?
    h. Why did Ramada choose to conduct the research in a nontraditional, party like atmosphere? What are some advantages and disadvantages of such an approach?
    3. How are the research findings reflected in the ultimate management decisions?

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    1). Build the management-research question hierarchy for Ramada.

    Try and think of the management research hierarchy on an emphasis of questions relating to the point scale of reasoning for measuring customer satisfaction. The main areas as indicated in the case study impose the three main areas of hiring, training, and motivation. Thus, the questionnaire research platform should hone on responsibility to adhering to corporate protocol and key areas of focus to generating a lasting results for future improvements. Consider the fact that management is solely responsible for creating a knowledgeable and courteous staff for succeeding in customer expectations (leading to satisfaction in every area). Further, the best method in deciphering the current status of the hotel's strategies either successful or unsuccessful relate towards creating a matrix of resources; the right hiring staff, the training team for facilitating needed elements of progress, and the team building events for moral.

    Sample research questions for the hierarchy to formulate into a sufficient research matrix could reflect as follow:

    a) In the last quarter did the hiring practices indicated a willingness to find talented staff members to joining the hotel? (Try and think of the research question in terms of finding out the hiring practices in place, such as, job fairs, that the job description indicates mandatory years of experience and knowledge based before any interviews granted).

    b) Have the training suffice in improving tasks processes and serving customers on proficiency (Try and think of level of productivity based on mainly the management team ability to making decisions in bring forth profitability as well as brand identity and brand equity).

    2). Apply the research process model to the Ramada research initiative.
    a. Explain the role and process of exploration in Ramada's research.

    Consider the first section of the case study research, in which, the effort is in ...

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    The review in research methods in business objective for improving customer satisfaction.