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1. A study of a court system produced the following results:

Note: G= guilty , G' = not guilty , J= judged guilty , J'= judged not guilty

80% of guilty (G) judged guilty (J)
93% of innocent (G') judged innocent (J')
5% innocent (G') judged guilty (J)
77% guilty (G)

A) Find probability judged guilty (means find P(J))

B) Find probability of innocent if judged guilty

Answers: Just show me how to get here.
A) 62.8%
B) 1.8%

2. A large industrial firm uses 3 hotels which sometimes have bad plumbing
PL' = bad plumbing H= hotel

P(H) PL'
Ramada 41% 2%
Sheraton 33% 7%
Lakeview 26% 6%

A) What is the probability a client randomly assigned a hotel will have bad plumbing in his or her room?

B) Probability a guest stayed at Lakeview if his room had bad plumbing?

Answers: Again, just show me.
A) 4.7%
B) 33%

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