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    Cultural Differences and Decision Making

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    Please explain cultural differences that influence decision making and briefly describe how cultural differences affect decision making. Please use citations so that I can reference the material.

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    // Decision making is the act of choosing among the available alternatives. It is influenced by various factors, such as social, technological, political, legal, etc. Among these factors, cultural factor also plays a crucial role in influencing the decision making. Individuals from different culture make judgments and decision according to their own norms and values. Here, we will discuss how the culture impacts the tendency of decision making and what its impacts are. //

    Every person is required to make decision at all points of time. But, it is also considered as one of the important and complex tasks. Many individuals find it difficult to make decisions. Some people ask for suggestions and recommendations from others, as they put off the decision making by themselves. Some decisions are considered the best decisions ever and others are not so good regardless of the fact that how ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 517 words with references.