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    BMW & Mitsubishi Motors: Compare Leadership Ethics & Culture

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    The Solution compares and contrasts BMW Group with Mitsubishi Motors, their ethical views, culture, and gender and ethnic equality.

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    As explained in the BMW Group website (2013), diversity is important to the companys' social responsibility and corporate strategy. The company believes diversity will enhance the overall work experience and performance capabilities (BMW Group, 2013). Diversity encompasses three elements of diversity including; age, gender, and cultural background (BMW Group, 2013). Whereas Mitsubishi Motors outlines a list of basic principles for its corporate code of conduct emphasizing the following; human rights, maintaining environmental standards, no engagement of insider trading, and promotion of fair business practices (Mitsubishi Corporation, 2013).

    Ethical Views in the Cultural and Organizational Setting:

    The German culture as a whole claims a Protestant work ethic, meaning the people believe in earning a living through hard work, diligence, and frugality (Klonoski, 2012). Whereas the Japanese do not regard hard work as merit for increases or promotions. Instead they revere age as merit for promotions because someone who is older is highly respected and has supplementary experience (Gheorghe & Gyongyver, 2007). German culture also has legal systems in place to take action against those who would intentionally neglect or injury citizens. They strongly prohibit the acts of discrimination and any other act which violates human rights (Klonoski, 2012). Similarly, the Japanese business culture believes in human rights as well. However the description of human rights is slightly different. The Japanese viewpoint is that a company will earn success through strong interhuman ...

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    The culture and leadership of two companies, BMW Group and Mitsubishi Motors are compared in several paragraphs.