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    "reverse discrimination" and "affirmative action"

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    What should these terms mean to the private sector HRM manager: "reverse discrimination" and "affirmative action"? What is the U.S. Supreme Court's stand on reverse discrimination and affirmative action? What do these terms mean?

    In what ways are anti-discrimination efforts and valuing diversity in the workplace related, and not related? How do the terms "reverse discrimination" and "affirmative action" relate to an organization's anti-discrimination efforts? To their diversity initiatives? Provide employer examples.

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    // In this project the topic of discussion is reverse discrimination and affirmative action. Both the concepts affect people in the workplace. Any discrimination can be removed easily by adopting reverse discrimination and affirmative actions. Another emerging concept which is discussed is diversity. In order to create competitive advantage diversity should be managed carefully.//

    Reverse discrimination

    It is a situation of biasness against a majority group, which arises when efforts are taken to improve minority. It is a positive way of discrimination that benefits the members of the minority and opposes the dominant party or the members of majority group. It is a cognitive process in which the dominant or majority group is distinguished in order to reserve positions for minority or disadvantaged group in schools, colleges, administrative programs, offices, work place etc. Reverse discrimination is a controversial and specific form of discrimination or distinguishing a majority group in terms of race, gender, and ethnicity; when affirmative actions are taken or policies are established to correct the discrimination done in past against members of the minority group or discrimination against majority members take place (Reverse Discrimination, 2011).

    Affirmative action

    Affirmative action is an effort to encourage equal opportunity for all the people of the society. Basically, affirmative action refers to the policies, which ensure that members of the minority group in the society and country should be included in all the programs. The basic objective of adopting affirmative action is to compensate or indemnify the discrimination done in past, ill treating the members of minority, exploitation of minority members by the dominants or members of the majority group. This measure is used to rectify the systematic discrimination. Affirmative action implies the principle of equality. Sometimes, the principle of equality requires taking affirmative action in order to get rid of the conditions which assist in creating discrimination. It conducts programs and seminars, which create ...

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