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    Evaluation of five different leadership styles

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    Rita is a new recruit at Truien Consultancy. At her last job, she acquired expertise in that company's model of organizational change implementation. It dealt with traditional principles that suited the company's organizational values. Despite being excited about her new job, she is apprehensive because she doesn't know if her ideas will work at her new job. The new company provides change implementation solutions based on its latest research. Rita has a lot to learn about new ideas and techniques. Based on the situational model, suggest what style of leadership her supervisor should adopt to help Rita develop her skills and confidence.

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    I have written a brief description of a few different leadership styles that I believe can be applied to Rita's situation. You can choose one of those and expand on it to complete your assignment, or you can choose another style.

    This type of leader inspires workers to achieve their best by offering guidance and motivating them. While they share their (or the company's) vision with the employee, they also allow the worker to find their own way in achieving organizational goals and requirements. They share information with the worker that will help them achieve these goals.

    The coaching leadership style helps employees identify their strengths and weaknesses and then guides them to find ways to use both to achieve organizational as well as personal goals and objectives. Coaches demonstrate confidence in ...

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    This 576-word solution evaluates five different leadership styles that can be applicable in this question/problem along with suggestions on how to complete the assignment, a sample outline, instructions on how to write the introduction, body and summary paragraphs, and links to websites that will support completion of the assignment.