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    Comprehensive Leadership Definition

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    Servant, authentic and ethical leadership are models which have been successful not only in different types of organizations but also in different cultures and in different countries. Do you believe this to be a valid statement? In other words, are these leadership theories effective global leadership models? Why or why not? Support your position with global examples and appropriate references.

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    In my personal opinion, this is not a valid statement. Here is why:

    Scholars have not accepted one comprehensive definition of leadership; consequently one leadership paradigm appears unrealistic and problematic (Yukl, 2006). The paradigm would need to be either so simple as to have no real depth or so comprehensive as to cover all possibilities incorporated into the leadership phenomena. Leadership research has been criticized for its inability to provide practical, applicable results (Avolio, Reichard, Hannah, Walumbwa, & Chan, 2009). Leadership is about people and social exchange. People and social exchange do not always follow prescribed, predictable processes. People are divergent and changing. Thus, leadership must be divergent and ...

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    This offers a brief discussion of why it is unlikely to have a comprehensive leadership definition. It also discusses leadership in different cultures.