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    leadership skills

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    To develop your leadership skills, you need to first define what leadership means to you and which behaviors go hand in hand with this definition of leadership. Identify an admired leader as per your definition of leadership, and the behaviors of this leader that you would like to emulate. This will help you move ahead with your leadership development plan.

    Develop a personal definition of leadership and justify the same.
    Identify an admired leader from any sphere of life. Why do you admire this leader? List the characteristics of your admired leader that you would like to emulate.
    Based on your definition of personal leadership and the characteristics of your admired leader, determine the five key leadership behaviors that you will adopt to become an effective leader and positively impact members of an organization. Provide reasons for selecting these behaviors.
    In addition, specify the steps you will take to adopt these leadership behaviors and the date by which you will be able to adopt these behaviors.

    These questions are achieved.

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    As you first develop a personal definition of leadership, I feel that it is comprised of behaviors that demonstrate strength, equity, fortitude, intelligence, calmness, and a way of making others inspired and capable of being the best. It is a way of modeling behavior and teaching others by doing the desired behaviors in order for others to emulate. It is a way of inspiring, motivating, and changing lives and behaviors by actively doing, saying, being, etc.

    As you then identify an admired leader from any sphere of life, I strongly admire my own boss as a leader. She is strong, fair, reliable, ...

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