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Mr. Kraemer's definition of Leadership

"Leadership, according to Kraemer, means setting clear values and expectations, focusing on the development of people, setting and communicating a clear direction, motivating people, and having a plan that includes execution, implementation, and measurement. And all of this should take place in an environment that promotes open, respectful dialogue and emphasizes doing the right thing rather than being right."

How do you feel about Mr Kraemer's definition of leadership? Did he leave anything out? Which aspect do you think would be the hardest to do?

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1. How do you feel about Mr. Kraemer's definition of leadership?

Mr. Kraemer's definition of leadership seems very comprehensive. It is a good definition.

2. Did he leave anything out?

Perhaps being flexible in a fast pace and changing business world, and willing to change one's vision and plan if the need arises. However, this ...

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This solution discusses Mr. Kraemer's definition of leadership, and if it leaves anything out. And, it then discusses what aspect might be the hardest to do.