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    Managing Diversity

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    Whether you are a new employee, an experienced professional, or the president of a company, eventually you may find yourself in a leadership role leading a team, a training seminar, or a meeting. As a leader, an essential skill is to know your audience and how to speak to them. To do this effectively, you must be able to relate to a diverse group of people. The following assignment guides you through the skills and strategies you need to develop this ability.

    Identify an effective strategy for managing diversity based on your readings in this course.
    Write a paper outlining the basic principles of the strategy you have chosen.
    Describe what skills are needed to use this strategy effectively.
    Explain how this strategy will help your organization accomplish its goals.
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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    There are many options available to companies who wish to maintain a diverse workforce. In determining which strategy will be most successfully in managing diversity, consideration must be given to a method(s) that will appeal to the masses. As no one strategy will definitively be advantageous, a combination of strategies should be utilized for optimal results.

    When a company begins to grow and expand, it typically becomes a melting pot of cultures and beliefs. In an effort to prepare employees to work in a diverse workplace diversity training is critical. Diversity training is typically utilized for customer service training and educates staff members on how to interact with customers of various faiths and ethnicities. However, not much attention is paid to diversity in relation to interacting with ones colleagues.

    Diversity training involves learning about mannerisms, language/verbiage, behaviors one might experience in interacting with diverse groups.

    Addressing the concerns of employees who might be opposed to workplace diversity is yet another way to manage diversity. Employees who have a negative reaction should be counseled. Counseled from an educational standpoint, not an adverse perspective. All team members should understand that, although diversity is sought, no one group will receive preferential treatment over another. Additionally, all employees should be assured that ...