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Aligning Standards with ELL proficiency

a) Arizona Department of Education/Standards and Assessment Division. (2008). Arizona academic standards.

b) Illlinois State Board of Education. (n.d.). English language proficiency standards.

Visit the Web sites and electronic resources listed above, ii) Examine the format and alignment of the ELL proficiency standards.

iii) Examine the alignment with the language arts standards (reading and writing).

iv) Write a essay addressing the historical and political incentives for standards-based instruction.

(1) How can the Arizona or TESOL English learner standards be used as a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLs?

(2) How can data from various sources relating to the learners' progress be used as a tool to drive the standards-based instruction?

(3) How do the varieties of standards available to teachers provide a focus on high expectations and the motivation needed to tailor instruction to meet the needs of the learner?

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