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Action Research in the Workplace

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Can you explain where and what I'm required to reflect on in the following action research project? And what should I concentrate on to demonstrate clarity of thought, maturity of thinking and so on? It details what I should cover in the action research findings but where and how should reflections come into it? And is it only business related, e.g. my thoughts on the different theoretical business models?

The action research project is to be conducted in the workplace which is a small software company.

Please advise me on this. Thank you!

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The reflect on an action research project is examined. The different theoretical business models are provided.

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Action research as a tool can be very complex and as detailed as you need it to be. How you reflect on something in action research depends on your own personal epistemological and ontological positioning. You ask whether you need to reflect on different theoretical business models. This is not correct. Action research is concerned with reflection on your identified organizational problem. In other terms, it is very specific in its aims.

I assume you have a specific problem ...

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