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    affirmative action policies

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    Help with recommending to a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies be implemented is included.

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    As you form your paper for the company's board of directors to encourage affirmative action, please allow some of my notes and research to help. Good luck and thank you!

    First of all, it is vital to create a strong thesis statement for your paper to encourage the directors to implement affirmative action. Thus, you need to add strong persuasive appeal in your thesis such as my model example one: "Affirmative Action benefits the company in terms of maintaining governmental compliance, ensuring equity and human rights, demonstrating workplace diversity, and maintaining globalization trends." Please notice how my thesis contains subtopics. I recommend strongly that you can then structure your paragraphs by taking each subtopic and talk about them using research to supplement as I model for you below. However, I first recommend briefly defining what affirmative action is and how it emerged historically.

    For example, you might add that before offering its benefits to the company, it is extremely vital to briefly define affirmative action. Thus, you might add that affirmative action is typically an all encompassing phrase. It refers to "laws, customs, and social policies intended to alleviate the types of discrimination that limit opportunities for a variety of demographic groups in various social institutions. ...

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    Affirmative action policies and benefits are explored.