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Enforcement of Affirmative Action

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In describing the relationship of affirmative action and descriptive statistics, I said, "Affirmative action is the legal enforcement of policies, descriptive statistics is specific descriptive data derived from research. The relationship of the two, or the association, is descriptive statistics is the groundwork base for the affirmative action."

In defining the relationship between the two as the "groundwork base", if a group, for example, were wanting to legally enforce these policies, what might this group use as the basis for the lawsuit? In other words, how would an organization be accused of not complying with their AA policies?"

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A short answer to the question of how Affirmative Action can be defended or enforced, and the means of establishing a basis for the lawsuit.

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Unless the company is revealing statistics that prove they have not hired minorities under affirmative action's policies, it might be necessary for someone applicable to the AA policy to apply for a position in the company and be turned down. Then that individual would have a personal case. Even then, it would be difficult to prove that the reason for not hiring was racially based, gender or religiously based or some other means.

A public company may list its ...

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