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Different Market Research Techniques

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Hi, can you please help to review the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of any two out of the several data collection methods choosing one from each one of the bigger categories, which are qualitative and quantitative research.

Review and evaluate different types of market research techniques, providing examples.

Please don't forget to provide references.


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Different market research techniques are provided. Bigger categories for collection methods are determined.

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Hope you are well.

Try and associate the main concepts in relations towards quantitative research as a way to measure in quantity that provides strength in numbers (i.e. market size, consumer demographics, and the frequencies in relating consumer buyer behavior). While the qualitative is more in focus on the valuable data of user needs and wants that enhances demographic particulars with regard to behaviors. In doing so, the qualitative is more adept to accomplishing the goal in learning from or predicting the participants / consumer base behavioral preferences.

The strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative research can relate to the following core ...

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