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    Role of Theory in research

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    Examine the ways in which theory is used for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed studies. Why isn't theory used the same way for all research? Analyze the role of theory in research. Does it serve to connect components of the study? Is it a basis for selecting a research approach?

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    Role of Theory in Research

    The process of knowledge creation in the sciences is known as the scientific method. It follows a protocol that dictates the varied elements and steps necessary in designing an experiment or a research, in crafting hypothesis, in gathering data and in analysis of said data. It also governs the way the results are validated and presented. Now, the 3 methods mentioned - qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods are approaches that differ in the way they approach research as well as the kind of data and processes used. Qualitative research is used mostly in the social sciences, particularly in ethnography and sociology. It looks for narrative data and they come in text form as interviews, oral histories and observations of social scientists via fieldwork. The subject of study in this particular process is society and its varied elements and takes into account the idea that not all variables in society can be accounted for. Hence it practices reflexivity and looks for details and patterns to emerge from the data for the purpose of knowing and explaining social phenomenon (i.e. cultures, practices). Quantitative research looks to measure and quantify social and ...

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