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    Brief Discussion of Theory in Research

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    This solution offers a brief discussion of the use of theory in research. It discusses how theory can impact or influence the choice of quantitative or qualitative methods of inquiry.

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    The Role of Theory in Research

    Creswell (2009) defined theory as a model or an argument that explains or predicts the occurrence of phenomenon. The way theory is used depends on the type of research being conducted. Creswell (2009) described quantitative research as beginning with a theory. The researcher performs studies that attempt to validate the premise of the theory. Often in quantitative research the theory is included at the beginning of the theory and experiments are performed to test the theory (Creswell, 2009). In qualitative research, often the theory is at the end of the study, as a result of the data ...

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    This solution offers a brief discussion of how theory is used in scientific research.