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Solution-Focused Therapy

I need an outline of how the solution focused therapy method will be applied to this case study and a model description.(apa resources needed).

Model Description

Provide a brief overview of the history of the selected model and its founders, and discuss the essential ideas of the approach. Cite original sources, and be sure to answer questions such as:

What is the role of the therapist?
What is the theory of change?
What is the target of intervention?
What is assessment from this approach?
What does this approach say about normalcy, health, and pathology?
What are some examples of intervention from this approach?


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In a solution-focused approach, the therapist is seeking positive exceptions or differences to a specific problem situation. Thus, the client in the therapeutic session is focused on working toward a goal. As the therapist and client are focused on a goal and positive outcomes, the information from the session will lead to change. In a solutions-focused approach, problems are not emphasized.

? What is the role of the therapist?

The role of the therapist is to help the client discover her internal strengths and resources. The therapist operates under the assumption that the client has the internal resources to make the change that he or she wants to make.

? What is the theory of change?

The client is viewed by the therapist as a person with challenges rather than having problems or symptoms. The therapists will work to help the client understand that he or she has coping skills with which to solve his or her problems, and/or change his or her behavior. The emphasis is on finding solutions rather than talking about the problems.

? What is the target of intervention?

The target of intervention is to open up new possibilities for the clients, and suggest new ways to handle the problem without minimizing the fact that the client has problems, and keep the conversation non-pathological. The therapist refines the problem so that both Virginia and Tom can begin to think of a solution to the problem. For instance, the ...

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This solution examines a case study focused on Solution-focused therapy. The role of the therapist from this approach is discussed. The theory of change associated with Solution-focused therepy is described.