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Person Centered and Solution Focused Therapy

I need some help in finding information on the integration of person centered therapy and solution focused therapy. Specifically, how it works and the challenges to what population or type of client that could benefit.

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Person centered therapy-
Carl Rogers is best known for his development of person-centered (a.k.a. client-centered) therapy. Rogers believed that people are fundamentally good and have the potential to be the best people that they can be. This type of therapy is non-directive meaning that the client basically leads the discussion in therapy sessions, not the therapist. The therapist is supposed to be non-judgmental and allows the client to be in control of finding solutions to their problems. The therapist provides the client with a safe, non-judgmental, environment where he/she can feel comfortable speaking freely without fear of rejection. Rogers believed that if a therapist is genuine with their own thoughts and feelings, the client will model off that and learn how to do the same. Also, the therapist should ...

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This solution describes the therapeutic techniques used in both person-centered and solution based therapy. It also identifies the type of individuals who would benefit, and not benefit, from each approach.