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    Impression Management and Socialization

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    1. How can Erving Goffman's conceptualization of impression management be used to understand social behavior? Give a detailed example.

    2. Define and offer an example you have observed of impression management and facework. How do college students use impression management after examinations?

    3. What are the significant forces in childhood socialization? Please include how gender, school, parenting and television impact childhood socialization. Which do you think has the greatest impact, why?

    4. What impact, if any, has access to new technology (email, cell phones, etc.) had on the socialization process? How has it impact you? Please explain.

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    1. "Goffman was a sociologist who viewed society through the symbolic interaction perspective; this perspective looks at the everyday behavior and interactions between people to help explain society. Some examples of everyday interaction would be meeting various people in the grocery store, workers interacting on the job, meetings of a small group (such as a PTA), or children playing in a park. These interactions catch the attention of an interactionist and through these interactions, Goffman and other sociologists learn why people behave as they do in given situations." (http://study.com/academy/lesson/erving-goffmans-theories-impression-management-dramaturgy-symbolic-interaction.html) Goffman argues that impression management can be used to understand social behavior in that we are constantly trying to persuade other people of our definition of a social situation.

    Example: "If, for example, you are buying a stereo, the salesperson is attempting to construct a definition of the situation that will suggest that you need to have this high end and pricier product because you are a discerning individual with good tastes, while you are trying to construct a definition which suggests that while you appreciate good music, you also have financial ...

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    This solution will discuss Goffman's framework of impression management, as well as what factors impact socialization in childhood.