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    Facilitating Socialization

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    Give an example of a time you learned about facilitating socialization.

    Prepare a paper that describes the process by which you were socialized into a new institution (e.g. college/university; living group; sports team, etc.).

    Describe in detail:

    The three socialization stages (anticipatory socialization, accommodation, and role management)

    How the socialization process was managed, your reaction to each stage, and the level of congruence and realism you experienced.

    How the process you described was similar or dissimilar to what one would experience entering a new job.

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    //Socialization refers to a process of learning to become a member or a part of a group. Schools and colleges are two prime institutions where individuals learn to socialize and adhere to the rules and norms of groups. The paper will discuss the process of socialization with the help of an example. The paper will describe the process, through which I socialized into my college. The paper will also describe how the process of socializing, with respect to a college differs from socializing in a job. //

    Social interaction is the basic function of an individual, but learning to become a part of a group not only involves social interaction but also involves learning of the various norms, routines, rules and rituals of the group. The process of learning various norms and routines of a group and adhering to them refers to the process of socialization (McAlpine, 2008). The process takes place in three different stages: the anticipatory socialization stage, which includes preparation for entering into the college, accommodation stage, in which one realizes the ...

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