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    Impression Management Strategies

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    I would like to no more about impression management. What are typical differences of impression management and self-handicapping strategies? Could you help with a couple of examples of impression management and outcomes?

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    To start with impression management refers to the conscious or unconscious attempt to control what other people think of and how they perceive you. They do so to gain a number of rewards (mostly social) and often to be seen in a positive light or respected. They want to be in control of people's perceptions of them in social interactions. It is a way to manage a control one's social and often professional image. People also do this to put out a certain personal identity that fits with their self image or who they would like to be. There are multiple ways that people engage in impression management. Typically they engage in strategies that portray them in a positive light but not always. Some people use "ingratiation". This is a technique in ...

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    This is an explanation of impression management as well as impression management strategies.