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    Impression of the Operation of the Barilla Group

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    Assignment 1:

    Research the Barilla Group.
    Using your readings, the Library, and the Internet, write responses to each of the following:

    1. What is your impression of the operation of the Barilla Group?
    2. Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the Barilla Group
    3. Does the Barilla Group have a competitive advantage and/or a competitive strategy? Justify your answer.
    4. Choose one Barilla product (http://www.barillagroup.com/barilla/en/home.html) (Describe the components of this product value chain.
    5. What strategic alternatives are open to Barilla? Explain and justify your answer.

    Assignment 2:

    Describe the differences between the directional, portfolio, and parenting strategies. In addition, describe when you would use these major types of strategies.

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    Hello, please find the guidelines for writing Corporate Strategies plan and Analysis of Barilla Group below.

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    Running Head: BARILLA GROUP

    Analysis of Barilla Group
    Operation of the Barilla Group

    Barilla Group, which was founded in 1877 as a bread and pasta shop in Parma, is nowadays one of the top Italian food groups. It is a leader in the pasta business all over the world, in the pasta sauces business in continental Europe, in the bakery products business in Italy and in the crisp bread business in Scandinavia (About Barilla, 2009). This different business of Barilla Group along with huge success demonstrates that its operations are quite effective and efficient all over the world. The Group employs over 18,000 people, it exports in more than 125 countries and in 2007 its net sales was more than euro 4, 2 billion, that exhibits the success and effectiveness of the company's operations. The company's long history of more than 130 years by one family's entrepreneurial experience and its present management by family's fourth generation siblings also depicts its efficacy in its operations.

    SWOT Analysis

    Subsequent are the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Barilla Group:
    - Barilla Group is operating from more than last 130 years along with over 18,000 employees which is the biggest strength of the company.
    - The company operates with more than 20 brands and 1500 products all over the world (About Barilla, 2009).
    - It is one of the top Italian food groups.
    - This business group export its products in more than 125 countries.
    - The company has a huge business in different countries that management is done by only one entrepreneurial family.
    - In present competitive and technological environment, the company is still operating with its traditional principles and values.

    - In the mindset of Italian consumers, brand name goods still lead the sector and this situation can be enjoyed by Barilla group in a prolific manner as it is operating in the market from last 130 years.
    - Italian consumers have one of the uppermost food consumption levels ...

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