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    Student Teaching First Impressions

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    Consider that this is your first week of student teaching in order to answer the question
    Why is making a good first impression with your cooperating
    teacher/mentor and students important? What does it mean when teachers talk about getting to know their students? Reflect on your first meetings and initial impressions. How did you prepare for these meetings? What have your experiences been like so far?

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    Your OTA

    The first time people see you, they can already create their first impressions of you less than a minute. They look at your appearance, the way you dress, the way you move, and speak. It may seem daunting to think that they actually 'scrutinize' your moves and appearance but you can actually use this to your advantage. Since first impressions DO last, take this first few seconds of the first time they see you as your strategy to make it to success.
    Dress for success because the way you dress determines how you will be ...

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    The importance of creating first impression in student teaching are given. How to create a good lasting first impression in the classroom and with fellow teachers is determined. The solution is 429 words with two non-APA references.