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Qualitative Advice for Action Research Study

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1. Suggest a qualitative research design and three possible methods of collecting qualitative data for the action research study you are proposing (Integrating Technology Into The Classroom).

2. Provide a rationale for the suggestions that you have made.

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Being qualitative, you are pretty much free to investigate how the students or teachers "feel" about certain aspects of technology or perhaps their efficacy when using it. The first thing to do is to select the type of technology you want to study. This could be a website specifically designed for students to practice math skills, or how teachers use smart boards in their instruction. Until you specifically decide what it is you want to know, you cannot proceed.

Once you have done this, then you will need to create some kind of intervention (or perhaps use one that already exists - meaning, if students already use the website or teachers already use the smart board.). Once you have established the usage of the intervention, then it is time to design the research questions. Let's use the student website example - I would want to know how the student feel when using the website. Does it make them feel intimidated or are they confident. Are they self-sufficient during its use, or are they in constant need of ...

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This response provides advice for topics to be used in an action research study integrating technology into the classroom. It discusses a few different methods of data collection and ways to interpret that data.

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