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    Should universities get rid of exams?

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    Write an argumentative paragraph supporting: "Universities should get rid of exams."

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    In 2011, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University proposed that exams should be abolished as a method of student assessment. His primary argument is that the nature of learning - asking probing questions is not something that the normal university test can measure. It measures, at best, rote learning and memorization. University exams, in his estimation, destroy original and creative thought. They force students into stressful situations where simply giving the "correct" answer is a substitute for creativity and true learning.

    Another significant factor is how tests and grades can distort a student's approach to the subject. There are two aspects to this. First, there is the sense that getting the good grade is more important than actual learning. ...

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    The solution determines whether universities should get rid of exams. An argumentative paragraph supporting the statement is provided. The solution gives two references.