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strategic planning

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Apply a strategic planning approach and methodology to your development as an Engineer and describe the strategy you have chosen to pursue your goals.

Define at least one project you will initiate to meet your goals and the strategy used.

Use Porters five force model to describe how the approach to the project will be affected, e.g. a strategy to achieve recognition as an Engineer of technical prominence and high reward in a certain field such as information Infrastructure may require a high degree of education (Phd) in a specialist area, which might also be a highly competitive field.

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We will apply the three-step process. The process is to evaluate the current situation and how it came about, setting the target or to define your career goals or objectives, and to map out a possible route to the goals and objectives. Finally, we will determine the path or the method that will be used by you to achieve your goals and objectives. This is the strategic planning method.

Your current situation is that you are an engineer. This means you have either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree in engineering. This situation has come about because you have the goal of becoming an eminent engineer in the field of information Infrastructure. The current situation not only establishes that you are determined to progress on your chosen career but also have an achievement to support your pursuit of goals.

In the second stage of strategic planning we define your goals. In this case your goals are to gain recognition as an engineer of technical prominence, get top awards in the field of information Infrastructure, earn a PhD degree in a related field and earn income commensurate with your abilities and achievements.

In the third stage of strategic planning we develop a map of the route that you will adopt to achieve your goals and objectives. At this stage the route for developing your careers could be as follows. If you have a bachelor's degree you may want to pursue a master's degree in information Infrastructure. Once you complete your master's degree, you need to get admission in a reputed university which has a strong engineering department and has facilities for research in information Infrastructure. You ...

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