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Adult Education and University

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Should universities just accept everybody into every program for which they apply once basic prior KSAs are proven?

Should universities administer tests to determine if people who apply for online programs are suited for these or better suited for FTF programs?

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For question one, let us first discuss KSAs. KSAs are important tests because they test the ability of a student (or a job applicant) to see if he or she has the qualifications and personal attributes to succeed in either school or on the job. The purpose of KSAs is to measure one candidate against another when both are competing for the same place or the same position. How well a test-taker can show that he or she is more suited for the spot or position (by doing well on the exams) demonstrates who gets in and who does not.

Should universities should just accept everybody into every program for which they apply once basic prior KSAs are proven? In my opinion, the answer is no. This is because no one is equal on terms of their ability. Some students are suited for college and the heavy workload of studies that accompanies it. Other students are more suited for trades like electricians, plumbers, ...

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This solution discusses the admission process for adult education.

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