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Problems in adult online education

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I need an interesting topic or issue that is a significant problem in the field of adult online education. How can someone plan to explore this topic or issue? I need approximately 2 pages worth of information.

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The most significant problem in the field of adult online education are the onslaught of online adult education schools that are producing low amounts of graduates and high rates of student defaults. This problem has become an epidemic in adult online education with Congress holding hearings last year as a result of the perception of a predatory system that preys on U.S. army veterans and poor minority students while using the government sponsored federally insured FAFSA loans in an egregious manner. This problem is a significant issue because of the fact that many employers believe that those with Bachelor's degrees from online education universities aren't qualified if they graduate with a degree, as well as the fact that many do not even graduate.

The fact that Congress has held hearings on this issue exhibits the amount of ...

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The problems in adult online education are provided. How someone can plan to explore the interesting topics are given.

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Include theories/frameworks that are particularly relevant to adult online learning.

Include how one could contribute to social change in this field.

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