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    Qualitative Data for Decreasing Reading and Writing Scores

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    Scenario: As a new CIA district leader, one of your first tasks might be to review quantitative district data on student achievement. There has been a significant drop in reading and writing scores in the district in the past 5 years. What qualitative data do you need to better understand the gaps in student achievement? Support your recommendations by citing sources in your response

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    When I first saw CIA, I thought this was going to be a top secret government question.

    If reading and writing scores have decreased over time, the first thing I would want to do is evaluate the curricula that teach these skills. I would ask if there have been new standards released in these areas and when the last time was the curricula had been updated. It is possible that the tests given to the students are aligned with new frameworks but the teachers are still teaching old stuff. If in fact this were the case, I would try to implement a curriculum writing session to update what the schools teach.

    The next thing I would do is take several days and visit all of the classrooms. You do not say whether these drops in test scores are in elementary school, but I am going to go on that assumption here. I would go into each of the classrooms in the elementary schools and see how ...

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    This response discusses possible qualitative data that can be collected by a new director of Curriculum in an effort to examine decreasing reading and writing scores on standardized tests.