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Self-Presentation and Impression Management

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Compare the concepts of self-presentation and impression management. Include some personal examples in your paper.

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The impression management is key towards processes in goal directed conscious and/or subconscious method in people aiming to influence other people perceptions (try to think of the other people in terms of awareness of a reality, such as, an angry or intimidation during a negotiations). Case in point, self-presentation is an effort, as identified by psychologists, to making oneself more favorable in the perception of others. Try and think of impression management as comparative to self-presentation is in relation to conveying an image onto others in a means for presenting a likable or even dislikable behavior output (i.e. the dislike objective in self-presentation could reflect a desire in controlling other people's behavior to the benefit of the person presenting a self-presentation others). Aim in honing on the following elements in association of self-presentation and impression management:

a) Self-presentation behaviors are known to ...

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