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    standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning

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    Locate a set of standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning. Select one or two that apply to a particular early childhood age group. Discuss how you could use these standards to plan an art activity for young children. Any state standards including The National Standards of Arts Education website.

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    Integration of standards and activities is always a practical idea for lesson plans. Using the Arizona State Standards for ART and starting with creative movement is a smart idea because young children like and need to move. A short activity can be planned with music.

    Initially, the teacher will discuss personal space and the importance of recall of this concept for the following activity.

    The teacher or a student volunteer will demonstrate how to bend the body, forming the letter "C." Next, the twisting and turning motions will be demonstrated and children will practice the movements, to music.

    Then, with two partners, students will form the letter "A," on the floor.

    Finally, upon cue from the teacher and/or rhythm of the music, students will find two new partners and form the letter "B," using the bending motion, which they used independently to make the letter "C."


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