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    Motivational Factors for Individuals

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    Complete a review of the attached articles. Discuss the key arguments and findings, describing how you think they apply to the topic of low performing employees and to the following questions:

    - What induces individuals to employees act in a certain way?
    - What factors motivate them?
    - Why do different people react differently in similar situations?
    - What are the factors of motivation of low performing employees and what their levels of motivation?
    - What is the effect on the level of motivation produce the human resource policies in the organization?

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    I have given each article a quick look. In some of the questions, I have referenced the articles you attached in my response. I hope my responses below are helpful. Good luck on the assignment.

    - What induces individuals to employees act in a certain way?

    Some employees are more motivated than other employees. Some people self-motivate and self-regulate (Ryan & Deci, 2000). This ability to self-motivate and self-regulate influences different employees to respond to the same situation in different ways. Some individuals are simply more resilient than others. This resilience allows the individual to bounce back from failure and learn from mistakes. Another important aspect of individual action is discussed in the Yuan and Woodman (2010) article. This article is exploring innovative behavior in the workplace. As a part of this exploration, Yuan and Woodman (2010) suggest that supervisors clearly communicate expectations of innovation by all employees. The way an employee acts can be influenced by the expectations of the supervision, the organizational culture, the employee's ability to self-motivate, and many other factors. An employee's personality and unique set of knowledge and experience will also influence how they respond in a given situation.

    - What factors motivate them?

    For me, motivation is an individual thing. Individual motivation can be influenced by a number of things. Motivation can even be influenced by your national culture. In national culture's that value collectivism, individuals may be motivated to perform to bring esteem to their group. In the United States, we are very individualistic in nature. We will normally be more motivated by things like being able to set our own goals or ...

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