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    Transformation Processes Identified

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    1. Identify Deckers key transformation or throughput processes looking at the relationships between them and using the Burke-Litwin Causal Model. Refer to pages 531, 532, 533 and 534 of the enclosed PDF.
    2. Identify and briefly discuss each of the throughput variables in the company.
    3. Based on Figure 3 (page 531) explain how these variables interact.
    4. Determine how these interactions generate the amount of Motivation in the company.
    5. Make a Case for your proposition on how Motivation affects the company's Performance.

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    Deckers Outdoor Corporation: Motivation and Performance

    Company Overview:
    Deckers Outdoor Corporation incorporated in 1975, is a designer, producer, marketer, and brand manager of footwear and accessories for outdoor activities and casual lifestyle use to men, women, and children (Reuters, 2010). Deckers Outdoor sells its products worldwide through its wide distribution network using domestic and international retailers, international distributors, directly to end-user consumers, through websites, call centers and retail outlet stores. It markets its products mainly under two brands UGG and Teva; it offers luxury footwear and accessories under UGG and multi-sport shoes, rugged outdoor footwear, and sport sandals under Teva brand. In addition to these hot selling brands, its remaining four brands are Simple, TSUBO, Ahnu and Mozo that caters and tap the growth opportunities in their respective niches. (BusinessWeek, 2012).Deckers competitors include Nike and The Timberland Company and some other footwear companies (Annual report, 2010).

    Organizational Structure:
    According to Burke, it is important to identify functions, people, key decision makers, control relationship in the organization in order to understand the organization structure. Deckers have matrix organization structure where people with similar skills are pooled for work assignments. Deckers organization structure is based more on teams than on individual departments. In Deckers, the upper echelon is the top managers; include CEO, presidents, vice president, and any general managers of the company. Next level of management is determined by geographic locations and within each of these branches there are project managers who directly report to their respective heads in the upper management group (Burke & Litwin, 1992).
    The matrix organization structure of Deckers includes Mr. Angel Martinez, the CEO of the company, followed by a series of 10 directors and Mr. Thomas and Mr. Zohar who are CFO and COO of the company. The CEO, Mr. Angel takes care of various departments of the company and heads of all functional departments report to CEO directly. All these functional units have their own departments such as legal department, the human resources, and the marketing departments etc. for smooth working of the division.

    At Deckers, CEO of the company is the ultimate authority with ultimate power. He holds highest level of responsibility and highest decision making power in the organization. The matrix organization structures of Deckers ensure smooth communication and relationship between other members of the organization. It also assures effective implementation of organization's mission and strategy. ...

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    The transformation processes identified are examined. The interactions which generate the amount of motivation in the company is determined.