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Organizational design elements

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GRAD LEVEL - How well were the organizational design elements in your present or a previous organization aligned? Provide examples to support your evaluation. If you donot have a work experience, you may also use a community organization you have been involved with.

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//Before discussing about any Organization, it is necessary that we should get adequate knowledge about what is meant by an 'Organization'. As per the instructions, we will here, discuss about Organization and the elements designed for it. //

To organize means "to bring about orderly structure, to frame and to put into working order". The organizational design elements consist of:

1. Determination of objectives.

2. Enumeration of activities.

3. Grouping of activities.

4. Assignment of activities.

5. Delegation of authorities.

The alignment of all the above elements would form the organizational process.

In the community organization which I was involved with had an organization structure that involved both rational division of work and integration of activities into specific groups to achieve a well coordinated and orderly structure for the accomplishment of work.

The community organization is built around objectives. Its process of organizing is largely dependant upon the short term and long term objectives of the community, viz the maintenance ...

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