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The role of Internet in marketing research

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1. How is the Internet changing the field of marketing research?
2. Who would you say had the greatest responsibility within the marketing research industry to raise the standards of ethics - market research suppliers, market research clients, or field services? Why?
3. What can researchers do to increase the chances that decision makers will use the marketing research information they generate?

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1. How is the Internet changing the field of marketing research?

The internet has revolutionized marketing research. It enabled researchers to reach the unreachable market. It helped organizations do online researches. Old marketing methodology required face to face interaction with respondents but with the Internet marketing researchers can now do online surveys without seeing the actual person responding to the survey.

Fox (2009) said that marketing researchers are now able, with a fairly large degree of accuracy, to gather enough information to determine how successful a product or service is going to be and allows ...

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The discussion shows how internet provides a good source for marketing research.

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