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Strategic Internet Marketing: Increase Chances of Acceptance

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1) Recommend how to increase the chances of acceptance for innovations. How do your recommendations relate to the development of Web sites?

2) Outline a strategy using the adapter categories to speed the adoption of an innovation such as handheld wireless internet.

3) List some of the markets targeted by electronic communities

4) Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing research and online marketing research.

5) What roles can databases play in controlling business systems?

6) What are some of the concerns related to privacy and the internet?

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How to increase the chances of acceptance for innovations:

The first strategy to improve acceptance is to conduct research into the market in order to identify customer requirements. Innovations aim to solve consumers unmet needs and therefore customer analysis is important as to develop an innovation that matches customer requirements. By carrying out research the innovator is able to attract customers quicker because the innovation matches needs and increases innovation's chance for success.

It is also important to carry out screen analysis early in product development lifecycle. This is to determine if the innovation is viable and whether it solves current need in the market and if so whether it does so in an appropriate manner. Decision on whether to terminate an innovation should be carried out early and not once developed and this means resources are not lost in developing the innovation. Management within organizations should be clear and firm when dealing with innovation and should not permit below average innovations to be launched. Poor innovations will have a negative effective on company brand and consumer loyalty thus reducing overall sales.

Another strategy that can improve chances of an innovation succeeding is creating market awareness about the innovation launch. It is important to publicize the innovation and benefits it will offer to customers. Creating market awareness leads to high demand for the innovation when it is launched. The innovator can use a number of channels such as advertising, in store presence and word of mouth to create awareness and promote the innovation. Crook (2011) provides that social media can be improving chances of success by using the channel to identify gaps and create buzz about the innovation.

The recommendations relate to web development in that they focus mainly on the targeted customer. When creating a website the developer aims to create a website that appeals to the customer, easy to find information and is relevant to the user. Web development and an innovation are related in that they focus on the user to determine success.

Strategy using the adapter categories to speed the adoption of an innovation

Adopters are classified into different categories and this is based on the timing of adoption. Adopters of innovations are classified into five categories that include innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. Innovators are the first to adopt an innovation and are interested in new ideas and they possess the ability to understand complex technological knowledge. Early adopters on the other hand are opinion leaders therefore reduce uncertainty about an innovation. Early majority comprises of a large population and this group wants proof that the innovation is beneficial before adopting it and also they do not wish to be the last ones to adopt the new idea. The late majority adopt an innovation because it is an economic necessity and also due to pressure from population network. Laggards are the group to adopt and their decisions are based on past experiences and are rational and traditional.

In relation to innovators the most appropriate strategy is creating awareness about the product through mass channels. This is because innovators are information seekers and have high degree of exposure to mass media and social networks (Abraham & Abramson, 2005). In today's market social media is increasingly ...

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