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    Sigma Marketing Strategic Marketing Adaptation

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    This case reviews the growth of a small, family-owned business, from a regional provider of generic printing services to a global provider of specialty advertising products. Throughout its history, Sigma Marketing has exhibited the uncanny ability to understand market opportunities and to adapt its strategic focus accordingly. As its marketing environment changes, Sigma Marketing gathers information from existing and potential customers to develop the most effective marketing strategy possible. Even in the face of changing technology, communication, and advertising methods, Sigma Marketing has managed to reinvent its mindset and strategies in order to remain successful.
    1. Since Sigma is a small firm with limited resources, it must be selective in choosing customers so as to ensure the company can meet their needs effectively. How would you suggest that Sigma balance the need for continued growth with its desire to serve only those customers that it can satisfy completely?
    2. What strategic initiatives would you recommend to Sigma? How would you ensure that the firm has the resources, expertise, systems, etc. to implement those initiatives?
    3. Sigma faces a major issue with the fact that key employees with long tenure in the company will soon be retiring. What plan would you put into place to recruit new employees, bring them into the Sigma family, and ensure the continuity of the firm?

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    1. Sigma can balance the need for continued growth its desire to serve only those customers that it can satisfy completely by increasing its product mix. In the past Sigma has been asked by corporate clients to include additional advertising products as companion pieces to their calendar programs. Apart from small pieces that can be sent as complements, Sigma should include in its product/service mix new advertising offerings such as Billboard Printing. Billboard printing has a large market. Also, Sigma should offer neon sign advertising options to its customers. In addition, Sigma should also offer in-store advertising to its current customers. This includes advertising on racks, cubes, platforms, and mannequins. Floor advertising and counter advertising can increase the sales revenues of Sigma. Other areas in which Sigma can expand are transit media, automobile, & building wraps. Even though Sigma has the desire to serve only those customers that it can satisfy completely, it retains only 90% of its ...

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