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The Internet As A Resource Exchange

The Internet is an environment for resource exchange, the basis for marketing activity. Marketers who wish to leverage the online environment to achieve the objectives of a marketing strategy through marketing management tactics can do so in many ways.

Please, discuss in two hundred to three hundred words the role of the Internet in terms of its implications for managing all aspects of the marketing mix. That is, how does the Internet function as a set of resources that can be used to change strategies with regard to product, pricing, distribution, and promotion decisions?

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Using the Internet as a medium for an organization's marketing campaign is called e-Marketing. e-Marketing is composed of all the activities that are being conducted through the Internet for the purpose of searching, attracting, attaining and retaining customers. The e-marketing strategy is based upon the classic marketing mix of the 4 P's (Product, Price, Promotion, Position). The extended marketing mix includes the other 3 P's (People, Processes, Proof).
The Internet has greatly changed the traditional strategies of applying the marketing mix. The following are some of the ways that shows how the Internet has affected and changed the strategies of the 4 P's:
? Price: The Internet has given chances for globalization thereby giving all the opportunities for one country to connect with the other countries from almost anywhere from the world. It affects the prices of commodities because there is an existence of international pricing and competition which give consumers access to the products with the lowest prices. Online ...

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The role and implications of the Internet in managing the marketing mix. References are included.