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How can telecommunication assist in international program development and planning?

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How can telecommunication assist in international program development and planning?

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"Telemedicine is slowly but progressively making an impact in the areas of education and patient care. Already video conferences bring live operations into the conference rooms at distant sites. Real time consultations have become particularly valuable and popular."

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The flow of information plays an essential role in the diffusion of new technology and ideas at the level of individual enterprises, the industrial sector and the national economy. The importance of the new knowledge and new ideas as key elements for stimulating growth rate has long been recognized by economists but is receiving more attention in recent years among new growth theorists. Modern telecommunications provide a cost effective and time efficient medium for accessing rapid development of computer and communication technology.

In 1957 the communication age emerged with the launching of the Sputnik satellite into space. At the present time not only do we communicate globally but we and everyone else has the potential to know where we are and where we are going (advances in the global positioning systems (GPS) utilizing the 4 satellite navigation system have created that capability). ...

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