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    Emerging media technologies

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    I need help with research on the following questions:

    Emerging media technologies have vastly empowered customers to decide whether or how they want to receive commercial content. Consumers are no longer passive recipients of marketing communications and the real challenge for a marketer is how to regain the customers' attention through the clutter.
    1.Web-based technologies can be combined with traditional media to build a successful marketing communication campaign. Cite two specific examples of companies/brands using this combination approach and discuss what made these campaigns successful. Did the two use similar techniques?
    2.With the help of relevant examples, can you describe how modern technologies can be used to promote interactivity between the product and the customers? In this context discuss the use of social media to generate excitement around a brand. Can you cite any recently launched new products that have managed to achieve this?

    Response should be between 2-3 pages.
    Please use in-text citations and provide references. Only scholarly sources should be used.

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    //All business organizations implement marketing and promotional strategies for business growth and developing the brand image. In the present business scenario, all the companies are using some marketing tactic, thus, it is important to use such mediums which can help a business enterprise to stand out in crowd.//
    Marketing platforms range from traditional media such as newspapers, billboards, and television to web-based marketing such as emails or social media. Traditional marketing platforms are effective when the companies have specific target customers in mind such as a senior citizen who prefers newspapers can be effectively reached through print media rather than the internet (McQuerrey, 2016).
    Integrated marketing is an approach which tries to accomplish the marketing goals by the use of various marketing and promotional methods. It requires a well-coordinated marketing process which unifies across all the marketing channels and effectively delivers the message to the medium. For example, Apple Inc is trying to be ahead in technology by emphasizing in the research and development in technology and using marketing tactics to promote it as a latest technology organization. The company is trying to give optimal customer satisfaction to develop brand loyalty. The main marketing strategy of the company is keeping things simple and using a minimal design for the products. The products are marketed through both traditional mediums and digital mediums. In traditional mediums, regular press releases, commercials, billboards and broadcast media are used. The advertisement of Apple on television are developed taking into consideration its strategy of simplistic design. The advertisements are simple on one hand whereas, ...

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