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    Emerging Information Technologies

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    You are an Information Systems educator, and you have been asked to write an article about emerging technologies and how important it is to be prepared to adapt to new technologies (on-time), and the efforts and expenses businesses are likely to spend. Include at least four examples of emerging technologies.

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    In present, a number of technologies are emerging all over the world that is been used by different fields and domains in a different manner for enabling their own business and association needs and growths. In present the success or failure of any business is determined by how well it adapt to the new emerging technologies that embraces prominent web services and electronic business model.

    The significance and prominence of emerging technologies can be understood with the help of emergence of e-business that is applied in any business will lead to the transformation of technology and products, less-predictable customer demand, reduced product life cycles, and price simplicity (What is e-business, 2003). To meet all these challenges that had been posed by emerging technologies every business must improve its operational competence along with specific measures and application of standards.

    In addition to the emergence of various technologies it is essential to adopt these emerging technologies as without the adoption of these emerging technologies like e-business organizations and associations ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of emerging technologies and the efforts and expenses businesses are likely to spend on them.