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    Freedom of Speech & Emerging Technology

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    How might emerging technology affect the interpretation of the constitutuionally guaranteed freedom of speech? Of privacy?

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    Defining Concepts

    Emerging Technologies:

    New technologies that are currently developing or will be developed over the next five to ten years, and which will substantially alter the business and social environment. These include information technology, wireless data communication, man-machine communication, on-demand printing, bio-technologies, and advanced robotics.

    www.bussinesdictionary.com, 2009

    Constitutional Right:

    A constitutional right is a freedom granted by a government's constitution (on the national or sub-national level), and may not be legally denied by that government.

    www.wikipedia.com, 2009

    Civil Liberties:

    Freedoms that protect citizens from the government/state of whom they are citizens. It is a guarantee that the government/state will not be able to interfere and dictate the lives of its citizenry.

    Jones, 2009

    Freedom of Speech:

    The freedom to speak freely without censorship.

    Jones, 2009

    Right to Privacy/Privacy Law:

    The Privacy Law is the area of the Law that ensures the protection and preservation of the privacy of citizens and individuals.

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    Issues with Emerging Technology

    The topic of emerging technology and its influence or conflict in-place guaranteed constitutional rights is a broad topic. Emerging Technologies are varied and manifold and the best way for us to look at how certain emerging technologies, especially when they converge affect said rights is to look at how new technologies are used as a means for communication and socialization. Throughout human history, technologies 'emerge' from the civilizations with the needs and demands of society fuelling human genius to answer with varied technologies via industry, experimentation, research and adaptation. As was explained above, technologies in communication and information are among the most proactive in research and development. From days when man stuffed sea-floating bottles with letters and trained carrier pigeons, we are now communicating with video and audio capability with our friends and family who are removed from us geographically in real time, thanks of course to the internet, to the varied software that drive our computers to do what we ask it to do to allow us to communicate. Why is communication so ...

    Solution Summary

    The solution discusses the varied emeents and issues related to Technology (focusing on emerging technology) and the Freedom of Speech. Definition of legal concepts are provided (i.e. civil liberties) to make the subject easy enough to digest and understand. Emerging technology, specifically the advances in communications technology is discussed especially in areas where it intersects and conflicts with Civil Liberties, the Law and certain constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.