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    Health Care Management - Economic, Political and Social Forces

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    Explain the major economic, political, and social forces that will influence health care delivery in the immediate future. Please use examples to support.

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    Economic forces will always drive two key areas in the finances of health care: funding and costs.

    Since health care relies heavily on investments by government, private and in some systems, directly from the consumer, the state of the economy ultimately affects how much funding there will be available for health care organizations, and in turn, affects how much can be spent on the expenses of providing health care. In an economic downturn, for example, governmental funding might become increasingly small, meaning the operating budget of a hospital becomes increasingly tight. The effect on delivery is ultimately in two areas: the amount of services that can be offered, and unfortunately, the quality of service. Some hospitals, for example, may simply choose to reduce their patient load for ...

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    The major economic, political and social forces that influence health care delivery in the immediate future is explained.