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Impact of National Instabilities on Health Care

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What impact does social, economic, and political instability have on a country's ability to deliver accessible and high quality health care services?

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Delivering high quality health care is one of the most important services of a society or government. It is one of the biological and physiological needs that all humans require to succeed in life. Social, economic and political instability can threaten this important service.

Social instability in a country could be characterized by poverty, homeless, incarceration, racial and gender inequality, or household disorder (also known as the breakdown of the family) and drug or alcohol problems.

In the article "Social Stability and Health," five social categories are found to affect health in a measurable way: unstable housing, unemployment, living on welfare (or income status), history of incarceration, and lack of stable relationship. It was found that "those in the high stability group was half as likely to have been diagnosed with any chronic illness and with heart disease compared to the low stability class." By measuring the factors that impact health in this way, a country can implement high quality health care related programs and policies that directly impact those ...

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600+ word discussion on how a country's social, economic and political instabilities can affect the delivery of quality health care services to its citizens.

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